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Canada immigration has several immigration classes to choose from. The most common class would be the Skill Worker Class.  Canada has a set of criteria against which potential Skill Worker Class immigrants are assessed. The main criteria are related to your occupation - that is, the type of work you intend to do in Canada and the skills, qualifications and experience you have in that occupation. Your occupation must be listed on the  National Occupation List NOL Find out if you qualify to immigrate to Canada under the Skilled Worker Class.

The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration category for Canada's temporary foreign workers and international graduates who wish to become Permanent Residents. 

The Business Class Immigration Program (Investors, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed) seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Provincial Nominees Class applicants are selected to meet regional needs. If you wish to immigrate to one of Canada’s provinces as a provincial nominee, you must first apply to the province where you wish to settle. Provincial Nominee Program offers accelerated immigration for qualified skilled workers and experienced entrepreneurs who wish to settle in one of these provinces.

Sponsorship of a family members outside Canada see Family Class. Only a close family members (such as a parent, fiancĂ©(e), or spouse)  who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may sopnsor a family member from abroad.

Anyone can apply to immigrate to Canada. If you are married or live in a common -law partnership you or your spouse can apply. A common-law partner is a person of the opposite or same sex with whom you are in a conjugal relationship and who is currently cohabiting with you and has done so for at least one year. Check out:  Canada Immigration Made Easy

Skilled Worker and Professional candidates planning to immigrate to Montreal or any other city within the Province of Quebec are chosen based on another group of criteria than candidates who would like to settle elsewhere in Canada. The Quebec Immigration selection system is made to indicate the probability of succeeding in settling in Quebec.

Sponsorship of Spouses and Common Law Partners Within Canada. Regardless of your immigration status in Canada, you may use the application package Applying for Permanent Residence from Within Canada: Spouse or Common-law Partner in Canada Class. CIC 

Fraud Advisory Warning - Article by CIC- Attention all Visa and Work Permit Applicants: Citizenship and Immigration Canada has learned that Visa and Work Permit applicants may be tricked into buying false documents. In several cases, apparently, the victims are offered high-paying jobs in Canadian hotels or on offshore ships.

Please note that valid documents can only be obtained through the Canadian High Commission or embassy in your country and Visa fees can only be processed through the High Commission or the local Canadian Consulate.



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